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When City Wakes Up, but You Do Not: Technique to Deal with Depression

I often recall her when I don’t want to get out of bed in very bad horrible internal weather. Then my eyes open, looking at the room, the view outside the window and my hands. I close them and remind myself of something important, and then … then I get up. One winter morning in […]

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Things to Remember When Becoming Older

Recently, I came across my old note written in 2012 after graduating from university, and now I can still sign under every word. ​​ ~~~ “Oh hell, and why did I just make this great mistake by going to the university?” – everyone probably remembers this phrase, oh-h, how many times have we said it […]

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Sometimes Not Getting What You Want is a Wonderful Stroke of Luck

Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck (C)   This is the first thing that is worth remembering to anyone who wanted something, but didn’t get it. Yes, offensively, but… Maybe, it’s even better? Think about the last situation when you were refused or didn’t succeed in doing something. Don’t […]

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