How To Make Friends with a Sphynx


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Despite the fact that many people don’t understand why and how I’ve gotten to the point of buying a bald cat. I like her and… damn, she’s pretty!
Well, I will say this to those who don’t understand: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. Just kidding, as they say, there are different tastes… Although… (think!) This makes sense.
Of course,  this breed has some disadvantages (in addition to watching my pretty cat, I often read what others write), but there are definitely more advantages. Look at least at that sweetness, which this kitty regularly supplies to everyone – you get the annual amount of goodness per day, this is WITHOUT exaggeration.

So, the pros:

  • – Employees at work don’t think that your cat wears your clothes, you can dine at home with no hair and drink tea without hair as well.
  • – These cats are very sociable and affectionate – it is probably the most social breed of cats. An excellent alternative for those who want an intelligent friend, but don’t like dogs. 🙂
  • – These cuties will sleep with you, sit next to you in the kitchen, wait for you from the bathroom and meet you at the doorstep after work.
  • – Sphinxes are the kindest animals, if they are properly brought up, loved and not offended. Such cats will fawn on you and never bite, even if they don’t like something. The biggest thing Uma did was threatening me when I was playing with her and grabbing her leg, that she did not like at all, but didn’t even tried to bite me.
  • – As for me, they are very beautiful cats: large eyes and ears, they are soft, warm and pleasant.
  • – They love their people, but they don’t offend the guests either, on the contrary – they will love and fawn on everyone who has a good attitude to them.
  • – Maybe it’s about just my Uma, but she doesn’t jump on the walls and doesn’t spoil the wallpaper, as my former cat Sonya did.


  • – Conditions of living. Sphinxes can’t be treated like ordinary cats. They need blankets, clothes, attention and special care. They can’t sit in the cold or near drafts, so in the winter, a heater worked almost constantly. My Umka has a woolen house, a sweater, and a rug.
  • – Like all artificially bred animals, they are very sensitive to everything, including food. Uma, of course, eats everything, but…
  • – Few sphinxes clean themselves. They need to be bathed, their ears and eyes have to be cleaned by hands to make them beautiful. And yes, after toilet you need to wash them with baby napkins) They are like children. Keep this in mind, if you decide to adopt such a kitty.
  • – They sometimes may get angry and do something wrong (tear furniture or something like this), but this can be overcome when you find out what the cat doesn’t like.
  • – Sphinxes can have fleas. Uma picked them up somewhere last year, but it’s also can be treated.

Yes, it’s very difficult to go somewhere for the weekend and leave the cat, because the representatives of this breed don’t tolerate loneliness at all, and if you leave your cat for a day, she or he will be offended and cat strange. However, you can ask someone to take care of the cat, or at least take the cat with you. Uma has already traveled several times, and I hope she liked it.

Finally, they are like ordinary kitties, like “you can be not hungry, but you must ask for food”, “I’ll chew your wallpaper”… And I’m glad that all friends who have never seen sphinxes alive and have been saying that they are terrible cats, begin to play with the kitty and seer that these cats are magical. Learning is the light))
Well, just take a look at this cutie:

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  1. Василий says:

    Было время, когда уставал есть шерсть… везде и со всем, что только можно представить. Жудь! О стенах – молчу!))) Было время, когда обращал внимание на сфинксов, но блин.. казались очень стрёмные, а нужно было почитать, а тут двигатель прогресса – лень, прошла правда.. Вот если бы почитал, то и кухня была б не такая уже и плохая. Зато тёёёплая…))))

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