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Today, I came across a piece of news that a schoolboy from Zaporozhie wrote a letter to the Queen of England and received an answer. Naturally, the Queen didn’t write it, her gentlewoman did it, but does it matter? I think that boy was happy, as not every day you can get a paper letter from Elizabeth II.

I remembered my own letters (okay, emails) with different questions sent to different people. Many of those people respond, so … why not?

I don’t remember which of them was the first one, but the fact is that if you are interested in something and want to know the details, ASK for them!


The worst thing that can happen – you will get a “No” answer.

But it’s nothing wrong with trying to find out something (well, unless you want to find out the codes of North Korean nuclear missiles).

Can’t get the meaning of a song or clip? Ask the author about what he wanted to say. Do you want your beloved band to come to your city with a concert? You can also tell them about it. Maybe, they are already going to come in the nearest future, who knows.

Usually, those who respond to such letters are happy to do it. Especially if it’s not a well-known person (who just doesn’t have free time for this). Although, in boy’s case from the beginning, even queens respond to letters.

One story

One day, I say this animation:

I wondered what did it mean. The animation itself is cool, but the meaning is ambiguous. You can understand it as you want.

I thought about asking the author about what he wanted to say by this short film. It turned out that the author would like to share his thoughts. It was so cool!

Thanks for writing! For me, Exordium is left pretty wide open to interpretation, because it’s asking questions that I don’t have the answer to, myself. Mostly, it’s about the intersection of knowledge and power and how much of that human beings can handle. In philosophy there’s the concept of Plato’s Noble Lie, where rulers withhold knowledge from their people to maintain social harmony because they deem that the people could not understand it all or know what to do with that knowledge – metaphorically, the cosmos are what is incomprehensible, the Bloom is the means to that knowledge, and the Gatekeeper is that which enforces withholding it from people. His death is, in part, the result of internal moral conflict over who gets to be the one to decide what others, and are not, capable of understanding. It’s also a little bit about psychedelic drugs!

I hope that is somewhat helpful. I always love to hear how people interpret the film, and I hope the next one will raise similar discussions, too, when it is finished.



And I wouldn’t have known all this info, if I hadn’t written to him. Everything is much deeper than it seems!

I also wrote to singers, bands and wherever possible. And it’s nice, because often they respond.

Where else can it be useful?

Don’t hesitate to ask not only about hobbies, video and music. This applies to work and probably personal life.

If you haven’t been told what was the outcome of your recent interview while several days have already passed, and you don’t have a specific deadline for their answer, don’t wait and ask them.

You will feel calm and get more results.

Finally, others are also people, just like you. One question won’t disturb them for sure. Most likely that they will be glad to answer it.

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