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Recently, I came across my old note written in 2012 after graduating from university, and now I can still sign under every word.



“Oh hell, and why did I just make this great mistake by going to the university?” – everyone probably remembers this phrase, oh-h, how many times have we said it when we were told that we need to finish a graduate work or write a scientific article, and there were only 10 hours left to make it all at once.

“If I were smarter, I would have gone to another faculty!” It’s better to work at a factory than to write another scientific project”. It all seemed to us so cloudy – mountains of books written by scientists, publications, scientific journals… You understand that you were thrown out of the boat in the middle of a lake, and you need to swim here by any means.

Now, when we’ve got our diplomas, everything seems to be so serious (the red diploma implies the title of Lady Importance). We are not drowning in a puddle, as it was on the first course, but we are sailing on hand-constructed ships… although, they are more likely to be just boats. Someone may think that he’s already on a liner or an aircraft carrier, but believe me, this is a blatant lie. In fact, we continue to learn how to swim, however, we’re swimming not in a small shallow river, but in a much larger water space. We’ve got a bunch of “adult” worries: work, money, responsibility and other boundlessly boring problems. And we are not those carefree, cheerful people that we used to be last year. I can comment it with just one phrase: “It’s damn sad, ladies and gentlemen!”.

But so far it has not been a long time from the point of reference, I think everyone remembers the days when it was necessary to go to building No. 8 in -20 winter frost, and then to stand in a huge queue to the wardrobe. Remembering all these beautiful nuances in the morning, everyone thought at least for a couple of thousand times: “Oh hell, why do we need to look at a half-empty audience now”. Why half-empty? No one in his right mind will go to the university during such a weather.

The whole point is that all the people with whom I was lucky to meet in the building No. 8 suited a description of strange, but amazing personalities. I want to say “Thanks” to everybody whom I can call a Friend, who is not afraid to jump with a parachute or to climb into a volcano, or simply launch paper airplanes in the middle of a lesson.

In such moments, it was clear that, as many philosophers said, nothing happens by chance or without a reason. As it turned out later, this was for the best!

So, what’s a moral of the fable … let’s leave all the philosophical reflections for later, but now it’s necessary to add that much has changed during these 5 years, everyone has become a little different… but for sure, everyone will remember the bright moments from the 103 room… Of course, I’m lying right now, not all of us will! Or, it’s just me asking such questions, I don’t know. Unfortunately or fortunately, people can’t read thoughts so far.

Summing up what was said earlier about the ridiculous nostalgic nonsense, I want to wish to remember all the good things that happened during this huge and important period to all those who have already received a diploma and left the building. Don’t forget those children-happy people who went to the past with the status of Lady or Mister Responsibility.


Very often people completely forget that there is still a place for rest and fun apart from work and serious matters.

It seems to me that it’s important (and even vital) to give freedom to the “inner children”.

After all, you can fantasize, compose new worlds, enjoy the life. 🙂

I want to say to everyone: Don’t be afraid and don’t be shy about playing the fool, it’s not only funny but also useful.

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  1. Василий says:

    5 лет в “трубу”. Школа ещё +-, а вообще… такое. Не люблю, когда учат те, кто сам толком ничего не понял, так как ни разу не делал.
    Практиков у нас было мало.

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