Old cars: to be or not to be?


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As a fan of old-school and sometimes very old cars, I don’t understand when people say: “Oh, this car is from the 90s, it’s old, three-liter, eats a lot, bla-bla-bla, better to buy new, or this one will tend to break, and so on”.

What’s more, when people whose car stops driving after turning on the air conditioner, say something like this, I don’t know at all whether they have a brain (lol, they have subcompacts, no comments)).

As for me, some cars are like wine, only getting better with age. For example, my dream car is Plymouth Cuda ’71. Well, the same can be said about anyone from those times.

The Americans of the 70’s are just something. The 80’s were a good period for the Italians. The 90’s – the Japanese. The Germans also were noticed with Audi 100 somewhere near an eternal Mercedes, but I’m not their fan, actually.

Why not new ones?

New cars are cool and convenient, especially if you have a budget for an interesting car that you don’t meet the same ones at every step. For example, Nissan 350/370Z, Toyota GT86, Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro, Ford Mustang, etc. As for new standard mid-range cars by the same Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Ford, etc, Skoda, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault (Yes, we don’t repair the king of animals, a Christmas tree and (C))) and especially Lanos, Lada, Geely, Cherry – this is all boring to death, the attack of the clones.

Please, forgive me, the owners of these cars, nothing personal. I understand why people prefer such models. They are convenient, new, and deal with their major function. But, the development of the automotive market led to the fact that many cars have lost their individuality, while becoming simply a convenient type of transport. They are not about ‘fun’ already. They are all about everyday affairs. 🙂

My personal exception so far is Honda Accord Coupe 2008 (not from 2012, just the 8 generation). This is the beauty. I think 3.5 engine is a smart choice for such a car. It’s a pity there’s no manual transmission for them, but it’s okay.

Sometimes I look at other old cars from the 70’s and 80’s, but because I’m not a mechanic, and the restoration at some studios is too expensive, I just enjoy my visits to exhibitions like Old Car Land. Of course, I’d like to own an old American muscle car, but I imagine how much trouble would be with him.

Before that time comes, I drive my Nissan Maxima J30 and I love it, although I wasn’t very careful while choosing this car and had to fix nearly a million of problems with it.

Therefore, here’s a piece of advice to you: don’t bother to order a car pick-up service if you take a used car. Find people who check used cars for problems, pay them and sleep well.

Sometimes people ask me if it’s worth taking a 30-year-old car and if there’s a lot of trouble.

Old cars

I liked Max at first sight. It looks awesome, there’s very spacious inside, it’s price is not too high, a three-liter engine rides almost using the air and pleases with the expense of 10-11 l per hundred (gas 14-15 l). Yes, there have been force majeures with a starter and an antifreeze tube, but there are no exceptions and new cars can have the same problems.

Even if something else has broken down, the car is driving at this time. And the process seems to be perfect. I don’t know what to compare this pleasure with. Probably, there are no such things in the world, on emotions, it is “Wow!”.

Compared to Lanos (you know, some smart alecks ask: “Wasn’t it better to buy Lanos for the same money?”) This is heaven and earth. In this car, you can comfortably spend a lot of time in a row (i.e. driving from Kiev to Zaporozhye for 7-8 hours), but after 3 hours of sitting in Lanos I didn’t feel the fifth point, that’s the answer to this question.

Driving this one is a pleasure. It accelerates quickly. Everything necessary is present in this car. It is convenient, it goes elegantly and is perfectly controlled, in comparison with other three-liter cars, it almost doesn’t consume fuel at all.

And if someone asked me whether I would change something, if I could return back in time – no, I wouldn’t change anything. Perhaps, I’d be more careful while making a choice and take a more well-groomed, not only “externally well-groomed” one. But it would be the same Maxima, the same model, as it is perfect in every sense.

Maybe, I’ll buy an “eldest brother” for my samurai once. An old, at least 5-liter, American. Well, while muscle cars are only dreams, I’m so glad I have a great one too.

That’s why a 90s car is a good idea, but always remember the following:

  1. Make the right choice and choose the best and well-maintained variant. Don’t hurry up and take time to see several cars, take knowledgeable people with you. You can even pay specialists for selecting cars, believe me, this will pay you back in the future for sure.
  1. Find proven mechanics and a service, where to fix all that is needed. You can do everything at one time in the beginning not to visit hundreds of different services in the future (as I did).
  1. Take care of the car. This is worth doing for all the owners (even those who have new ones). The problem is not is a car’s age, but in the way, it was used by people. Even a great one can be turned into the trash in a year or two. See #1 point now. 🙂


6 Replies to “Old cars: to be or not to be?”

  1. HC8G says:

    Очень увлекательно пишите, прям от души) Спасибо.
    Почему именно Plymouth Cuda ‘71?
    ’71 – это Magnum имеется ввиду?

    • Tina says:

      Не, 71 это год – 1971 🙂

      • HC8G says:

        Вот оно что)))
        Так почему он?)
        Ладно, наверное, не стоит.
        Я тоже, как-то, всем рассказывал точно такие аргументы о малолитражках.
        Приятно, что есть такие же белочники.

        • Tina says:

          О, это просто любовь с первого, второго и всех последующих взглядов!) Да и вообще – мелкие тачки очень скучные, надо чтоб она летела как пробка из шампанского, и вот не знаю, как в управлении Плимут, но Макс и моя теперешняя машина прям такие. Они шикарно управляются (думаю, тачки 70х – это не та история, но на них и не как в Initial D гонять)), быстро разгоняются, не очень много весят, в общем, просто fun. Иначе зачем еще нужна машина, чтоб на ней на работу ездить и все, о нееет)))

          • HC8G says:

            Ну, как раз на малолитражках можно и на работу, но очень унылым быть может день тогда)
            Да, лучше на пробке под музыку жить)), так и трудоспособность получше будет.
            Почитал, ну да.. 71-й год был самым счастливым у Барракуды. Красивая машина. Как-то долго они её до ума доводили, а как только довели – пришлось тормозить.
            Ну, такие машины в управлении.. не помню уже названия игрушек, но что не ice – факт). Да какая там уже разница..)), – их же не для этого покупают. В каждой есть что-то своё. Правда, те варианты, что без усилителя руля, могут быть и в правду жестковаты)
            Ну, там ценник и рост самих цен на некоторые модели этого Плимута так и говорят: купи в коллекцию, продашь дороже, если решишься конечно))
            Купехи 8-е есть на ручке (6 ступеней), но очень мало, как и любящих их людей, наверное), а жаль)

          • Tina says:

            Да, в курсе) А у вас какая?)

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