How to Keep Your Promises


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Keeping a word is an excellent quality, which everyone loves in others, but not everyone is often ready to keep own words.

What if you promised people around a great variety of things, but can’t handle it anymore? How to keep your reputation at the same level and leave your image as it was before? After all, you hardly want to get the image of a boy who shouted “Wolves, wolves!” and eventually was eaten by them.

1. Thoughts

Forget about phrases like “Promise is just a couple of words and means nothing”, they were invented by those who give promises to everybody, and then do nothing.

Although people sometimes think this is normal, you may agree that it’s very unpleasant when someone promises you something and then says: “Oh, come on, these were just words, don’t mind”

Actions begin with thoughts, people start with thoughts, everything that happens around starts with them.

Start changing the world by yourself.

2. Words

Don’t say “Yes”, if you don’t agree. It’s better to say “No” and save yourself and others from waiting or being nervous.

Refusing is not difficult, just understand that it will be better for you to do it right away than to fail later.

Don’t be afraid to offend someone by refusing. If you want, explain to the person that you can’t do something for a reason.

3. Actions

If you have promised something, treat this as an obligatory program and try to fulfill what you had promised.

You can even make a reminder in the scheduler or Google calendar. This will be just one of the “To do list” items.

If you really can’t do what you promised, tell the person about it at once.

It’s simple! 🙂

P.S. First of all, try not to give empty promises to yourself. For instance, if you really want to lose weight this year, don’t delay and get a season ticket in a gym. When the money is paid, there will be nothing left to do except starting doing what was planned.

I also recommend you reading the article about how to “start to start”. It may be useful for the fulfillment of your desires and promises given to yourself and others.

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  1. I agree that we’ll need to be mindful of exactly what we say.

  2. Василий says:

    Ну тут, вроде как, всё сводится к “пацан сказал…”, если не стареть:)
    Клиенты ценят точно, мои.

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