Sometimes Not Getting What You Want is a Wonderful Stroke of Luck


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Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck (C)


This is the first thing that is worth remembering to anyone who wanted something, but didn’t get it. Yes, offensively, but… Maybe, it’s even better?

Think about the last situation when you were refused or didn’t succeed in doing something. Don’t take the recent examples, they aren’t “lived” enough and you may not even know the outcome.


Remember such a case from 1-2 years ago. Probably, everything turned out to be not such a great catastrophe.

You got a better work, signed a more successful agreement, met a more suitable person… Did you face such situations?

Useful lessons

If you did, you already know that the world did not come together with a wedge on one thing, and if you don’t give up, you will surely find something more successful and suitable.

Such “failures” can be used as clues: what can become even better, what to look for.

Did you fail an interview? Don’t worry, make conclusions and take them into account the next time. Do you think that famous and great people could immediately make discoveries and invent ingenious things? Well, here’s one of many examples …

Edison and light bulbs

There is a beautiful legend about Thomas. They say, he invented 500 non-working versions of a light bulb before it lit up.

Finally, if the option disappeared immediately and was “not yours”, don’t worry and continue to live, rejoice and explore. Especially don’t get upset because of the work that you wanted to get. Just imagine what would happen if you were settled and didn’t pass the probationary period, or you would be told claims every day. For sure, you would regret about your coming there. Maybe it’s “not yours”.

This is not an excuse to give up, no. Don’t think that I’m talking about the fact that you need to sit and wait for a magic miracle, while “yours” will come to you itself. Not at all.

Continue to develop yourself

Take notes of everything and decide whether you want to work with this further. Not everything needs to be changed, and for changing something, we need time and efforts. Think whether are you ready to change, and for the sake of what?

Maybe, you should look for a more suitable job? After all, it is not necessary to understand the principles of paid advertising in order to be a good marketer. Perhaps, you are just more suitable for working in PR and communications. And maybe you can write beautiful letters and find yourself in the email marketing. After all, the spheres are very diverse.

If you didn’t match to a specific job, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad specialist. In case the belief in yourself is shaken after a couple of failures, continue to learn and develop. You won’t lose from this, but only win.

What to do with your personal life?

In working matters, everything seems simple. Few experience? Get it. Need to learn the specifics of the sphere? That’s the reason to find books and articles, and start learning the material.

In the personal sphere, everything is relative. People may demand too much from you.

Are you ready to speak another language for making another person comfortable? Are you ready to put up with his character and change yours, if he asks? Are you ready to give up habits that are convenient for you?

As for me, I’m not ready. Communicating and finding a compromise – yes. But changing the views and habits, especially if they are already so mine that have become a part of me – that’s too much. I usually say “Bye” to such people.

Finally, you can adhere to other views, after all, there are no right and wrong decisions. You will live with your choices.

Therefore, do as you need.

Moral of the Fable

Sometimes it’s worth thinking about if you need to stick to your line in a situation when it would be more useful to look at it from the other side and find sources for self-improvement?

So, here’s the checklist for each case:

– Pay attention to what can be improved;

– Work on yourself and develop your skills;

– Improve what you already have;

– Search for the best options.

I wish you good luck in all your endeavors. I can state with confidence: if you strive for something, everything will necessarily happen. If you’re looking for something, you’ll find it for sure.

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